Forum Title: Kitchen Remodel Quick Response Needed For Granite Bar Top
(I'm cross-posting this from one the other sites in this family of forums) keep in mind we're using 3cm granite, and I am the homeowner NOT the contractor doing the work. The contractor has never worked with the granite/tile company we picked so they do things a little differently from what he's used to. We're remodeling the kitchen (we're almost done). We took down part of the wall between the kitchen and dining room to open it up. One part of the wall was cut down where the bar top will go (dining room on one side/kitchen cabinets on the other). I've been told by a few places that sell granite that 15 wide for the granite is the max width they would recommend before needing any type of support underneath the bar (overhang). I thought that was how wide our top would be, but I just found out today (templates/measurements already taken for bar top and coutnertops) that our bar top is ~13 - 13.5 wide. That seems rather narrow for a bar top. It will be sitting atop of the existing wall, constructed of 2x3 framing and drywall (1/2 I believe), as well as the granite backsplash on the one side. So, you're looking at about 4 of wall plus 3cm (1.25 of granite) to support the bar top. The bar top itself is about 4' - 5' long (probably closer to 4'), and I was going to have it cut in some sort of radius where the overhang portion (at the ends) would go out a few inches before curving. I guess that would mean the overhang would be at it's widest in the middle (although I haven't seen anything visual to confirm exactly what it will look like). My questions: 1. How wide should the max be on a bar top before putting any type of additional support underneath, not just the overhang portion, but the entire width of the bar top? Keep in mind the radius cut mentioned above. I'm looking at, not only a cost thing, but also a nuisance thing since using any type of supports, with not much overhang may result in some busted up knees. 2. Does ~13+ sound like a reasonable amount of bartop? These next questions are concerning the installation of the bar top (I'm not doing any of this). The existing wall was cut down, not torn down and built back up. Therefore, you can see down between the drywall and studs. 3. How will the bar top be attached? I'm guessing a lot of silicone caulking underneath, and that's about it. 4. What should the top of the cut wall be finished with to set the granite on? The guy doing the work was going to put 2x3's between the studs in the existing wall to level off the top and close it up. I believe (i.e. assume) he would then finish it off with drywall or concrete board. What would be the correct way of finishing it off? Drywall or Concrete board? I'm thinking maybe concrete for a stronger bond. Thanks for any input. here's a pic of the area in question..
Category: General Contractor Post By: O. Kheir (Brockton, MA), 02/01/2018

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