Forum Title: Demo A Foundation Under A Radiant Heat Slab Without Disturbing The Slab...?
We got a remodel we're doing where we're removing a bunch of walls, The entire house sits on a slab and part of it is radiant heat. The engineer is calling out for a large grade beam to go under the three remaining posts that will support over half of the home. Part of this home used to be outside and has, in a past remodel, been made interior space and that new slab doesn't have radiant heat. The posts are right at the juncture between the two slabs. So the grade beam is supposed to split the two. We were going to cut the non radiant side and excavate about a foot under the radiant slab and have a 27 wide grade beam, half under the heated side. The problem is, as we were cutting the slab we discovered that there is an actual exterior foundation under there, footing and all, (this is in the middle of the living room) and no one expected this. I had the foundation radared and it has no rebar so the engineer says it's gotta go too. So now we have to bust out this rather good sized foundation, through a 13 wide trench that's 14' long that's sitting directly under a 3 to 4 heated radiant slab without disturbing it at all. It's at a funky angle and we can't really bang on it that hard. I kicked it back to the arch and eng to see if they had any ideas and they're still scratchin their heads. So what do you guys think, got any ideas? Thanks, Wack
Category: General Contractor Post By: ANNETTE PEARSON (Tuscaloosa, AL), 02/11/2018

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